Writing the Town Read – 2013

Katharine’s first novel is set chiefly in Cornwall and features Jamie Calder, an aspiring journalist whose boyfriend disappears in London on the day of the terrorist attacks in 2005.

It becomes apparent that Dave was not caught up in the bombings, but his whereabouts remain a mystery, while Jamie’s life starts to fall to pieces around her.

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Looking Past – 2014

Sarah Marchley was just eleven years old when her mother died.  As she grows up, she is intent on rebuilding her relationship with her father but in beginning a relationship with James, she unwittingly invites his overbearing mother into her life and her father becomes sidelined.

Sarah’s own impending  motherhood brings everything into focus but can she save the situation without breaking anybody’s heart?



Amongst Friends – 2016

Anna and Mike have a plan, to escape her abusive husband. Lee has his own plan, to stop his wife and so-called best friend for good.
Who will succeed, and how has a lifelong friendship come to this?

Set in Bristol, Amongst Friends covers a period of over twenty years, from 2003 all the way back to 1981. The tone is set from the start, with a breathtaking act of revenge, and the story winds its way back through the key events which have led the characters to the end of an enduring friendship.