A bright, brilliant, eight-book series, packed with Amazon bestsellers

“These books have kept me sane during lockdown and provided the perfect opportunity to escape, when I’ve needed to. Reading these books is like spending time with a best friend.”

The Coming Back to Cornwall series follows the story of friends Alice and Julie. Disappointed by work, relationships and the general tedium of life, they decide to return to the seaside town where they spent a teenage summer. Renewing old friendships, returning to old jobs, and encountering an old flame or two, is it really possible to conjure up the magic they once knew?



“This is my favourite series of books of all time. I can read them again and again.”

At the back of Alice’s mind is the thought of Sam, who she fell in love with aged eighteen, and who she has never really forgotten. Over the course of seven books, the friends’ lives unfold, with a cast of great friends, beautiful settings, and compelling storylines to keep readers hooked.

“Captivating, beautiful writing. I want to visit all the places and meet all the people. They feel like family to me.”

All seven books are available for Kindle and in paperback. Books one to five are also available as audiobooks, with book six coming soon.